A decentralised payment network

Help your customers pay with digital assets by offering accounts/cards and payment products backed by blockchain wallets with a few lines of code.

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The new standard for crypto-to-fiat transactions

For merchants

Start accepting digital asset transactions through your preferred e-commerce platform or payment gateway and get paid in local fiat currencies.

For Fintechs & enterprise

Build custom payment products for various use cases, from cross-border & P2P transfers to crypto payroll and expenses for web3 treasuries.

Instant settlements

Leverage OffBlocks' decentralised payment scheme to facilitate instant crypto-to-fiat transactions on popular blockchain networks.

100% self-custodial

OffBlocks uses account abstraction and smart contracts to orchestrate payments while preserving funds' ownership until settlement, eliminating 3rd party risk

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Bringing the best of Fintech to web3

Launch compliant web3-native card products in record
time and leverage data to improve your product(s).

Grow transaction volume

Launch web3-enabled payment products in no time and grow your ecosystem through real life payments

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Fully customisable

Our APIs & SDKs are built to integrate seamslessly with your web3 infrastructure and payment stack

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Build next gen payment experiences with OffBlocks

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